HA patients who had been beneath treatment with rVIII-SingleChain for 12 months, as reported by their physicians. Also, a part of these individuals have been separately interviewed. The survey, involving 14 Italian Haemophilia Therapy Centres (HTCs), was carried out involving July and September 2019, with the help of IQVIATM, who also performed all data analyses.Survey designThe data collection included a physicians’ phase and a patients’ phase. For the physicians’ phase, 14 specialists from 14 HCTs have been questioned by computer-assisted net interviewing (CAWI) interviews lasting 30 min. Individuals treated with rVIII-SingleChain for a minimum of 12 months could be integrated inside the evaluation. The questionnaire comprised two sections: a basic section, reporting a complete description of physician’s practical experience with HA sufferers getting rVIII-SingleChain (cohort A:48 sufferers), along with a section comprising detailed records of single patients treated with rVIII-SingleChain, when readily available (cohort B: 38 individuals, a single case record for each and every patient).IFN-beta Protein Purity & Documentation For the patients’ phase, physicians sent a web link to their individuals getting rVIII-SingleChain for 12 months, 26 of whom anonymously completed an on-line questionnaire about their practical experience with rVIII-SingleChain (cohort C:26 patients). The on-line questionnaires for doctors and sufferers had been developed to enable to get a comparison between the clinician’s936 Fig. 1 Survey style and patients’ dispositionA. Borchiellini et al.point of view and the patient’s direct encounter, mostly which includes analogous inquiries. Nonetheless, the population of patients interviewed did not necessarily correspond to that described by the physicians (Fig. 1).Table 1 Demographic and clinical traits on the total population of patients (cohort A) Qualities Number of sufferers Age 02 years 138 years 190 years 415 years 65 years Haemophilia severity Mild Moderate Severe Remedy regimen On-demand Prophylaxis Earlier remedy (prophylaxis pts. n=41) PUPs PTPs on-demand PTPs on regular prophylaxis Quantity ( ) 48 10 (21) eight (17) 18 (37) 9 (19) three (six) 3 (6) ten (21) 35 (73) 7 (15) 41 (85) 1 (2) 5 (12) 35 (86)Information collectedThe primary outcomes assessed by the survey had been: description of sufferers treated with rVIII-SingleChain for no less than 12 months (common description of cohort A patients and detailed description of cohort B patients by clinicians from clinical records; detailed description of cohort C using records compiled by the sufferers themselves), like treatment prior to prophylaxis with rVIII-SingleChain and pharmacokinetic assessment; adjustments observed immediately after 12 months of therapy with rVIII-SingleChain in terms of dosage regimen, FVIII consumption, and rate of annual total bleeds (ABR) and joint bleeds (AJBR); level and locations of satisfaction with rVIII-SingleChain by the physicians’ and patients’ perspective (satisfaction ratings, from 1, dissatisfied; to five, very satisfied); patient’s general knowledge using the disease along with the prophylactic therapy, relationship with the Haemophilia Centre, amount of information on haemophilia.IFN-gamma, Human (143a.a, CHO) PUPs previously untreated individuals, PTPs previously treated patientsStatistical analysisStandard descriptive statistics have been employed to analyse the survey results.PMID:23962101 Categorical data had been described by numbers and percentages, and continuous variables by imply or median and ranges. To assess variations in outcome before and just after the switch to rVIII-SingleChain, the Student t test, specificall.